Forgive me SL for I have….

Mhmmm…here we go.


1. I DO NOT friend people from my home country. I figure…if I want to talk to a fellow Kiwi (native of New Zealand) I ET once said “phone home” or when I am home walk out the front door.

2. I’m pretty good at playing “AFK”…I can’t hold more than 2 conversations at one time and if the conversation is heading towards Yawnfestville…I play “AFK”…..multitask my arse.

3. I recycle (exes). I have been partnered 6 x in SL… two men. (not at the same time! that’s just…you know…emmm….well my fantasy…KIDDING!)

4. I rarely cam other avatars as I am afraid of what I will see. i.e I recently cam’d on someones avatar for the first time in 3yrs . Curiosity got the best of me…I won’t be doing that again. (FYI and 4a of this meme.I’m slightly shallow)

5. I shouldn’t….but I feel a little guilty about the number of lindens I go through..90% of my Lindens are purchased….I don’t care to work in SL. I work enough in RL. FYI: I’m pretty tired of people saying “oh that’s a lot of RL money for a game…” (at this point I tend to go “AFK”). I happen to like this game. get over it…my bank manager has.

check out Berrys blog for more confessions

Hair- Eater Coma–  Hair 22
Skin –  Glam Affair – Amberly 
Hands   – Slink – Casual / Bracelets – [MANDALA] – Rain set
Top – – piccara – – Lace Bodysuit (closed)
Skirt – ISON – Slit pencil skirt
Shoes – N-Core – Delicious (Told you I’d match my skin)
Pose – {pose maniacs} – Rose 10 @ SFW

But you’re a good girl
The way you grab me
Must wanna get nasty
Go ahead, get at me


~ by inSLomniac on May 18, 2013.

4 Responses to “Forgive me SL for I have….”

  1. LOL I feel special annnddd now I will get suspicious when you go AFK.

  2. I loved your responses for this meme, so funny and yet real 🙂

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